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At Capel Colman holiday cottages our intention has always been to create somewhere where we’d like to holiday ourselves.
Somewhere very comfortable, stylish and peaceful that welcomes all the family, including pets, and has infinite places to explore!

Our Vision

We feel privileged to live in an area of outstanding natural beauty. We hope our guests can share our sense of awe and wonder for the mountains and coastline that surround our holiday cottages. Situated on the borders of the 3 counties of Ceredigion, Carmarthenshire and Pembrokeshire, an area steeped in rural farming traditions, with down to earth, welcoming local residents. We wanted to create our progressive business of sustainable farming and a holiday enterprise and we found it all and more at Glanpwlldu Farm.

Our farm Glanpwlldu (The Welsh meaning is: by the banks of the black pool) has a long history as a tenanted and privately-owned family run dairy farm. As farming becomes more intensified small farms have struggled to make economic sense and as an 80acre Dairy farm ours fell into that category. With retirement and health being key factors, the previous owners decided to retire, and created the opportunity for us to take over the helm in 2015 and develop Glanpwlldu into a thriving, sustainable, diversified farm and holiday cottage business.

A Sustainable, Diversified Farm

The farm buildings (homestead) have been completely re-purposed fully utilising redundant stone barns to form just three fabulous cottages. The prefabricated buildings into stables, storage and leisure activity, disused areas transformed back and into an orchard, vegetable plots and children’s play area.

The early south facing land is farmed growing winter animal feeds (Silage, Haylage, Barley, Maize etc) and over winter sheep graze ensuring the land is fully utilised but not farmed intensively and remains in excellent heart, whilst woodland areas are managed and progressively increased. This ensures we play our part to continue to support the abundance of wildlife and the food chain for generations now and for the future to enjoy.

Climate Positive

A Strong Sustainability Ethos

Marrying nature, modern leisure time and living in a sustainable commercial way underpins how we operate. Our ultimate aim is to become ‘Climate Positive’, which means that an activity goes beyond achieving net zero carbon emissions to actually create an environmental benefit by removing additional carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Take a look at our sustainable efforts to date:

  • The cottage power comes from 100% renewable energy, being generated from Air Source Heat Pump and Solar technology.
  • The cottages are highly insulated, to ensure the buildings have low heat loss performance.
  • We plant one tree for every booking, one tree will absorb on average 1 tonne of carbon in its life, our aim is to eliminate significantly more carbon than is generated by the associated indirect emission, such as our guests journeys to and whilst with us.
  • We hold an annual tree planting event and encourage guest involvement.
  • The land is farmed non intensively.
  • Hedgerows and woodlands are managed to support wildlife: Limited access areas, Hedge cutting rotation and strictly controlled, Managed tree coppicing that promotes health and growth whilst providing wood for all our log burners on site

Capel Colman Cottages - Our Charity Commitment

We are committed to giving away at least a one week holiday each year, to inject a real happiness boost into the hearts, minds and souls of those families who truly deserve a luxury holiday in one of our relaxing Pembrokeshire holiday cottages. We began our sustainable business knowing that we wanted to give something back to those whose life experiences had been extreme and harsh and we’re so pleased that our program is now up and running!

A gift for the heart, mind and soul

We love involving our guests with our projects, so each year we invite guests to nominate people that they want to get a ‘boost of happiness’.

Nominations can include but aren’t limited to:

  • Families with terminally ill members
  • Families who have lost loved one’s too soon
  • Individuals that have gone the extra mile to help others and deserve some appreciation and recognition themselves.
  • A special 2020 nomination, marked by Covid-19, people who deserve special thanks or have been far less fortunate than most of us and have faced extreme impacts on their lives due to the pandemic.

2021 Year 2

Following on from the success of year 1 we are again delighted that through the continued support of our partners we have been able to make four awards to families who are facing some of life’s toughest battles and where time in this amazing place will create a bright moment in their journeys.


2020 Year 1

As 2020 had been such a difficult year for so many we wanted to begin our charity program in earnest and with the support of some of our generous business partners we were able to give away not one holiday week in Pembrokeshire, but FOUR! To highly deserving families in need of a much-needed break in beautiful West Wales.


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