Our Charity Commitment Continues

Capel Colman Cottages are truly delighted to continue to be able to award holidays to outstanding families.

With the support of other like-minded businesses, we have been able to provide another four families the opportunity to enjoy, relax, have fun, and most importantly create happy memories using the splendour of Cardigan Bay and the unique magic of Pembrokeshire.

A gift for the heart, mind, and soul

We love involving our guests with our projects, so each year we invite them to nominate well-deserving people that they want to see receive a ‘boost of happiness!

Nominations can include but are not limited to:

  • Families with terminally ill members.
  • Families who have lost loved ones too soon.
  • Individuals that have gone the extra mile to help others and deserve appreciation and recognition themselves.

Making the magic happen for a second year in a row

Following on from the four phenomenally successful and rewarding awards made in 2020 we received a further four tremendous heartfelt nominations from guests for the 2021 programme.

With the continued support of some of our business partners we have been able to make offers to each and every one, continuing to make some magic happen and help provide bright moments for families tackling extremely tough times.

Capel Colman Cottages 2021 Well-Being Boosts

Award 1:

A young couple doing what many of us have, marriage, starting a family and developing careers, but most of us do not, fortunately, face the harshest of challenges along the journey that this couple has. Challenges impossible for us to imagine the pain & hurt of losing a twin baby at just 10 months whilst battling with the many wider issues caused by the pandemic, these three incredible people with immense characters truly deserved their week of brightness in July 2022. 

1 week Sponsored by:

Capel Colman Cottages 

“We are constantly rewarded and see first-hand the benefits that holidays in this amazing place give guests and knowing that we have provided a short but meaningful bright moment to this family is just priceless and certainly drives the motivation to just keep doing it.

Award 2:

A young family who lost their dad and husband much too early, leaving an incredibly kind, caring, patient lady to nurture two young hearts who are already showing many of their Mums traits. Magnificent work that will certainly be enriched with some Welsh holiday time booked for July 2023.

1 week Sponsored by:

Swann Financial a St James’s Place Managing Practice Partner

“We remain thrilled to again support the Capel Colman Cottages Charity Award. This initiative reflects our family business philosophy, and we feel privileged to sponsor a holiday for this well-deserving family. At Swann Financial we have our clients firmly at the heart of everything we do. By providing exceptional service and advice, we help them achieve their financial goals now, and in the future.”

Award 3 & 4:

Two further families have been awarded substantial discounts 

    1. A family continuing to face all the extremes of the Pandemic, long covid, mental health and coping with extreme stress and constricted lives.
    2. When moments of complete euphoria are impacted by extreme medical impacts leaving parents with severe and unimaginable ongoing battles yet through amazing strength this family are finding the way forward, truly inspirational. 

Discounts sponsored by:

Output Consulting, a specialist Print Management Company

“The print sector has been massively impacted by the wider effects of the pandemic and whilst print with its unique impactful characteristics will bounce back it is taking longer due to customers own related challenges, and unfortunately this has meant our support this year could not extend to cover full holidays. “

Want to help?

Could your business sponsor a holiday or help to support our charity program?

Of course, we would love to hear from you and work with you to award a holiday gift to a family who will benefit most from a relaxing holiday experience in Pembrokeshire. We would be delighted to discuss your involvement in detail, just give Dave a call or send an email.